Workshop “Opportunity and Development of Teaching the Russian Language in Vietnam”


The opportunity and development of teaching the Russian language in Vietnam was the topic of the scientific workshop jointly held by BDU and Belarus National University on the morning of March 5th, 2014.

The workshop in full view

In attendance to the workshop were several scientists: From Belarus National University came President, Prof. Ablameyko Sergey, Vice-President, Prof. Tostik Alexei, Prof. Malafeyeu Viachaslau-Dean Tertiary Preparatory Faculty, and Prof. Krasnoproschin Victor. On behalf of Kazakstan Abai University and HCMC – based Russia – Butin Fund Centre were Prof. Dr. Tran Dinh Lam and Ms. Tachiana. For  Binh Duong Department of Education and Training was Mr. Dang Thanh Sang-Vice-Director. And for BDU were Prof.Aca. Cao Van Phuong-President, Vice-Presidents Assoc. Prof.Dr. Nguyen Van Thanh, Dr. Cao Thi Viet Huong, Dr. Nguyen Thanh Binh – Chief of Scientific Research Office, Dr. Tran Kim Hang-Dean of Foreign Languages Faculty, Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Boi Khue-Dean of Electrical – Electronics Faculty, and Members of the School Scientific Council.

Prof.Aca, Cao Van Phuong highlighting the need for and significance of the workshop.

Speaking at the workshop, Prof.Aca. Cao Van Phuong stressed that the Russian language is greatly significant in developing the Russian-Vietnamese relationship. So it is meant to first identify the reason why the Russian language has not developed in Vietnam, and then point out solutions for the Russian language to be taught and developed as it was 50 years ago.

Prof. Malafeyeu Viachaslau presenting Russian textbooks for China, Korea and Asian countries

Dr. Pham Xuan Mai reporting the reasons for  and status of teaching Russian, and solutions to develop the Russian language in Vietnam.

Basing on the reports presented by Prof Malafeyeu Viachaslau, Dr. Pham Xuan Mai, and other scientists from BDU, Belarus National University and HCMC Teachers University, the workshop managed to figure out the reasons why the Russian language learning in Vietnam turned underdeveloped in terms of the current status of Russian teaching, Russian language teachers, Russian learners and workers and jobs. They also showed several solutions to revive the devopment of Russian language teaching and learning.

Representing Binh Duong Department of Education and Training, Mr. Dang Thanh Sang highly evaluated the workshop saying that the province formerly had Russian language taught but it converted all to English language courses. However, Binh Duong Province, and Vietnam in general, are strongly cooperating with Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union and realizing there are many opportunities for Russian-spoken jobs.   In this sense, it’s time to bring Russian language teaching come back to the schools, and BDU is the hub to develop the teaching of the Russian language in Binh Duong Province. When it is well-done here, it will then be developed in the high schools as expected by the provincial educational sector.

Mr. Dang Thanh Sang highly evaluated the workshop saying that the province formerly had Russian language taught but it converted all to English language courses

The workshop “The Opportunity and Development of Teaching the Russian language in Vietnam”  is considered a premise for the setup of the affiliate of BSU’s preparatory school at BDU.  This school is to teach the Russian language and base courses for Southeast Asian candidates to the undergraduate and graduate training programs. Thanks to a low tuition and modern learning environment, this school will ensure sufficient knowledge and state-of-the-art technology in its approach for reaching local and regional students.

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