Workshop on Writing and Publishing Articles in ISI and Scopus Journals


Stemming from the need to assess scientific outcomes according to international standards, and to follow up doctoral graduation and supervision stipulations as part of the doctoral training regulation set forth by Circular No08/2017/TT.BGDDT signed by the Minister of Education and Training on  April 4, 2017, BDU and BD Department of Science and Technology held a workshop on writing and publishing articles in ISI and Scopus journals on  Feb. 2, 2018, at the BD Centre for Science and Technology Application.

The workshop was attended by  Dr. Neil Hart-member of Economic and Labour Relations Review (ISI) and lecturer of New Southwales, Assoc. Prof. Vo Xuan Vinh-Director of HCM Economics University’s Business Studies Institute; and BDU delegates and many researchers, lecturers and policy-makers in and out of Binh Duong province.

TS. Neil Hart (right) speaking at the workshop

During the meeting, Dr. Neil Hart presented his own experience in line with the workshop’s theme, explaining  that researchers are to define what will be written, how to lay out and most improtantly,  give precise examples or instances to prove their point of the article. Moreover,  young researchers and students best turn in articles with an  approach to international topics and furthermore practice foreign languages.

Dr. Cao Thi Viet Huong-BDU Vice President speaking at the workshop

Representing  BDU as the workshop co-organizer, Dr. Cao Thi Viet Huong-BDU Vice President and Dean of the Postgraduate Faculty extended thanks to the researchers and experts for joining the workshop and sharing indispensable content. She felt very strongly that Dr. Neil Hart’s presentation would be quite helpful to those who are in pursuit of scientific research.

Some pictures from the workshop:

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