“Welding Innovations and MEMS-based Electronic Machine” Seminar


On the morning of  Jan. 25th , Assoc. Prof. Victor Maiughin – Int’l Relations Director, and Prof. Dr. Sergei Makarov – of the Physics Faculty, and Nano and Telecommunication Institute Director of SPbU presented their scientific reports on  the theme “Welding Innovations and MEMS-based Thermo Electric machine” at our BDU campus. This is one part of the SPbU delegation’s activities during their work visit to BDU between Jan. 24th -29th, 2018.

Prof. Dr. Sergei Makarov presenting his report at the seminar

Attenting the seminar were BDU faculty and scientists from other  industries in and out of Binh Duong province.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hua Thi Huan (right)-Director of CAXE Co Ltd sharing questions with the SPbU speaker

The  Smartfloi technique, using Smartloi’s new techonology, makes use of the the welding substance with a self-heating feature of nano structure which doesn’t consume more energy during its welding process, its connecting joints are  sturdy,  it conducts electricity well and gives a better adhesiveness to materials of any kind.

The advantage of this technique is to cause the welding process to need no supportive solutions. The excellent conduction of electricity and heating doesn’t affect hi-frequency apparatuses. The structure of sheet metal also suits all other varieties of  materials used in the eletronic industry and  contain no poisonous substances such as Pb, Cd, Sd,.. This technique once applied in real life,  will be a great  help to workmen and industries of this sector.

 Mr. Tran Van Phuong (right)-Director of Phuong Hoang Company bringing up questions for  Prof. Dr. Sergei Makarov

After the Smartfloi presentation, the audience went on to hear the next one on  “MEMS-based Thermo Electric Machine”.    In general , this machine is based on MEMS technology, which is made of components of prepared materials and designs. They are put on hardened surfaces in forms of submicron fiber and then static attributes to the work of  transformation from heat to elctricity. This kind of electric machine may be used  in areas of cordless sensor sytems, monitoring tools, healthcare monitoring equipment, energy-consuming controllers, etc.

Assoc. Prof. Ho Xuan Cac (left)-Director of Solar Energy Research Centre asking questions of Prof. Dr. Sergei Makarov on the MEMS-based Thermo Electric Machine

The seminar provided the audience with much helpful information, attracting great attention from the faculty and corporate participants. By the end, Prof. Dr. Sergei Makarov asserted that SPbU and BDU would develop further cooperation in education, research and technology transfer.  Especially notable is the establishment of a joint laboratory that will be set up to serve academic study and research for the partner universities , with the aim to advance and become a center for technological application and transfer at BDU.

Some pictures from the seminar:

Hồng Hy – Hồng Tiền