VESAMO supports knowledge acquisition for students at Binh Duong University Branch – Ca Mau province


After they received a full scholarship from VESAMO Association – Vietnamese-Korean Friendship Association on 23/8/2013, 11 students from Binh Duong University Branch – Ca Mau province were deeply touched and overwhlemed with joy. This opened up opportunities for the students in the university to build self-confidence.

Coming to Ca Mau on a sweltering sunny midday, Vesamo Association brought to Binh Duong University Branch  – Ca Mau province the fresh air of inspiration, confidence and motivation to students who have overcome great difficulties with scholarships worth more than $ 100 million VND.

VESAMO Association stands with Binh Duong University Branch  – Ca Mau province 
on the path  to attain and provide knowledge

Born into the family in District 1 of Ca Mau City, Miss Tran Nguyen Huong Mo’s academic achievement would have been lost when her father was infected with the acute hepatitis C virus and had to move from Ca Mau to Ho Chi Minh City hospital for treatment. With over than 10 million VND / month, the small family of Miss Huong Mo endeavored to cover treatment costs for her father according to treatment therapy.

Because Huong Mo’s mother worked hard for the sake of her husband and children, she  faced fibroids that need to be treated in the long-term as well and was at risk of surgery. As the eldest sister of the family, Miss Huong Mo took care of 2 younger brothers, bearing much of the burden on her tiny shoulders. On the day scholarships from VESAMO were awarded, Miss Mo said: "I'm very excited and thrilled to receive the honor of this scholarship. This is a prize as well as great consolation for me and my whole family.  I would like to thank VESAMO for helping me get through this difficult time and enabling me  to continue my classes with my friends at this age.

Along with  Miss Mo,  10 other students were sponsored for  the duration of their university time, as long as they maintain good academic achievements every year. And under favorable conditions, having the desire to study abroad, these students have the additional option to study in South Korea with the attractive scholarships package from Vesamo Association .

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