Study-in-Japan Workshop


On the morning of May 24th, BDU worked with Kobe International University, of Japan, to hold a workshop on study in Japan in Conference Room A-1. It attracted much attention from BDU’s faculty and students.

Ms. Narimatsu Kim Phung introduced study abroad opportunities to BDU students

During the workshop, Mr. Kobayashi Tetsuya-KIU’s Assistant to the President and Ms. Narimatsu Kim Phung were in charge of student recruitment and provided plenty of information about international training programs at KIU, such as tuition fees, living conditions, foreign language requirements, visa procedures, sponsorship, and more. Also, they briefly ran through some introduction of Japan, the country and the people. Next they answered questions from BDU students and teachers.

A student with questions for KIU representatives

On behalf of BDU, Dr. Do Doan Trang-President of Bolt Institute- extended thanks to KIU for giving helpful information to the potential students who want to study abroad in KIU, in particular, and Japan in general. It’s hoped that the two schools would further our mutual relationship and take part in other cooperative programs for the sake of bringing more information and opportunity to our students that they may approach and experience Japan’s advanced educational system.

Dr. Do Doan Trang presenting gifts to Mr. Kobayashi Tetsuya

KIU presenting a gift to BDU​

Token photos taken in front of BDU

Kobe International University is located in the port city of Kobe with its population of 1.5 mil. The school was founded in 1968. Herein, the foreign students admitted learn Japanese language at Bekka faculty for 1 year and a half. Then, KIU has two faculties of study especially for the transfer of these students into university (higher education): they are Economics and Functional Rehabilitation.

Some pictures from the event:

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