“Spring season for you” Program: Sharing the Happiness


In the late-December’s coldish weather and the streets of bustling traffic, with  families hurriedly shopping and decorating houses for the Lunar new  year’s family-reunion, all around us remained those enduring their difficult circumstances and lives of hardship. Aware of this, the BDU Youth League and its affiliates of  the Law Faculty willingly chose  to share and support these people in their need.  The Accounting Faculty and BA Faculty and the club of young physicians  based  in  Dau Tieng pulled together and  jointly held the “Spring season for you” program for the children and families in Long Hoa commune, Dau Tieng district.

Joining the event were Mr. Tran Thien Kiem- commune vice-chairman, Ms. Tran Phuong Ly-Chief of Dau Tieng young physicians’ club, officers from the communal youth league and students from BDU.

Mr. Tran Thien Kiem, Long Hoa commune’s vice chairman, speaking at the program

Speaking at the program, Mr. Tran Thien Kiem extended thanks to the BDU Directors for accompanying the local authorities in support of the children and families of hardship in his commune. He hopes that the school and local authorities will develop more helpful activities of this kind in the future.

BDU giving gifts to the children and families of hardship from Long Hoa commune

Throughout  the program, the program’s steering board granted 35 gift packages of necessities and money to the children and families of Long Hoa commune.  In addition, BDU students helped to send those who are sick for free checkups in covenience and comfort.

The Young Physicians Club of Dau Tieng giving free checkups to the sick with the support of BDU students

Law Student, Nguyen Ngoc Uyen Vy, head of the program, said that it was the first time such a program was developed and several omissions was unavoidable. Nonetheless, anyone who got enagaged in the event will never forget these moments of their youth. She also thanked the sponsors of the program, and the club’s physicians who accepted to work with the program.

The responsibility to society is one of the four set out by BDU for each of its members:  to self- improve for sake of truth,goodness,and beauty.  In the epoch of industrialization and modernization, there remain some people who fall unlucky and are in need of everybody’s support. So we should each learn to listen and find practical ways to share the burden so as to  make our society a better place.

Some pictures from the program:


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