Sponsorship Granted to Students of Trinh Hoai Duc High School


So as to accompany and support the students of hardship who manage to study well, and help them excel in their education, BDU, on the evening of  Feb 3, joined and granted several sponsorship awards and other gifts to Trinh Hoai Duc high school students in a gala held herein.

On behalf of the high school, Teacher Quach Duc Thinh-school principal- extended sincere thanks to the BDU Board of Directors for their partnership with his school in caring for the educatoin of the children. He asserted that this good deed is so significant in helping the students of hardship manage to be liable citizens and dedicate their best to the society and the country in the future.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tung-Chief of THD High School’s parents association- granting sponsorship to students

Student Le Ba Duc Thang of Grade 12AB3 representing the students of hardship sounded grateful to BDU for coming and granting the invaluable sponsorship.  From this substantial support, he will invest more in his study, especially language learning. He also promised to study hard  in order to meet the expectations of his parents, teachers and sponsors.

Master Nguyen Ngoc Chien for BDU granting sponsorship to Phuoc Vinh High School (BD)

In the past years, in addition to the career orientation tasks for the high schools in and out of BD province, BDU energetically boosted its volunteer and charitable acts projects  such as lifelong caretaking for Vietnam hero mothers, bridge building, school building, granting of houses and sponsorships to families and students of hardship… These activities definitely prove that BDU performs well its responsiblity to society, among other responsibilities to oneself, family and nature.

Some pictures from the meeting:

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