Research Making Fermented Beverages from VietnameseFruit


During Feb. and May,2017, Dr, Ryzeuski Stanislau-lecturer from Belarus National University- came to BDU and worked with the Faculty of Biotechnoly on a research project to produce feremented beverages from Vietnamese fruit.

Dr. Ryzeuski Stanislau working with Dr. Huynh Thanh Tung-Dean of the Biotechnology Faculty on research and long-term cooperation programs

BDU Media Department had a talk to Dr. Ryzeuski Stanislau as follows:

Reporter: Welcome, Dr. Ryzeuski Stanislau to BDU! Please let me know how you feel while working with BDU.

Dr. Ryzeuski Stanislau: Thank you for giving me this chance to come to BDU again. This is the fifth visit and the third working tripto BDU. I see it a true honor to work at BDU. And I feel quite comfortable whenever I come here.

The process of teaching is well-organized. BDU has provided me with all the things I need, and helps me with theoretical and practical lessons.

The research work is well-organized, too. The lab is equipped with sufficient tools and devices. The faculty staff is willing to assist at work and quicly resolves issues.  More importantly, the students are also engaged in the research.  

Let me extend special thanks to Dr. Huynh Thanh Tung- Dean of the Biotechnolgy Faculty. We always work well together and share ideas to find better solutions to scientific problems in completing the current mission. I feel so thankful for this.

Reporter: Please talk a bit about your plans and goals in your work at BDU's Faculty of Biotechnology.

Dr. Ryzeuski Stanislau: For the period of Feb. and May,2017, my main goal is to work within the cooperative program between BDU and Belarus National University. Our project aims to produce new fermented beverages from local fruits of Vietnam. It includes several tasks such as: selecting the best fruit (we selected jackfruit); selecting a suitable process for material preparation; optimizing the fermenting conditions; distilling fermented mixtures;  and  finalizing the ultimate attributes for products gained (tooling methods of GCMS, numeric analysis, etc…)

For the work this time, I also plan to do some seminars and workshops for future orientations with the Biotechnolgy Faculty and BDU Management as well.

Reporter: What do you think about the cooperation program between Belarus National University and BDU, and your future plans?

Dr. Ryzeuski Stanislau: I hope the cooperation between Belarus National University and BDU is maintainec and gains many achievements in education and research.

We are preparing some articles based on the research outcome.  We also record all the knowledge learned and create opportunity for some bigger projects.

I hope that I could come to visit BDU once more to further develop training courses for students on genetic molecular biology with expected lessons and lectures.

It is wonderful to have this training course included in the curriculum for students.  I believe our research results could be applied in real-life and be commercialized. For this, we should do our best to strive to make the shift from scientific research to applicable products.

Dr. Ryzeuski Stanislau and Biotechnolgy Faculty lecturer working together on the fermented jackfruit beverages

Biotechnolgy students engaged with the faculty and Dr. Ryzeuski Stanislau

Belarus National University is, one of the top schools in Belarus Republic, located in Minsk. It was founded in October,1921.  At present, the school has more than 30,000 students, learners and doctoral candidates across 57 disciplines and 200 training subjects. Its hi-tech products won 21 medals and 11 patents from international exhibitions held in Russia, Latvia, Poland, Belarus. BNU has currently had cooperative relations with many universities in Europe, America, Asia and hundreds of educational groups and research centers in the world.

During its process of development, BDU established good relationship with BNU. Since 2013, the two schools have developed many cooperative activities, such as student and faculty exchange, joint scientific research, lab co-setting… These are practical actions to help BDU students approach developed education and exercise English communicative skills with foreigners.