Proud to be a “January star ” in Binh Duong province


Recently, in the student selection and recruitment program for the “January Star” award and a title for central and provincial “Excellent-Five” students, the Binh Duong University students were recognized, bringing honor and pride to the university.
Pursuant to the Decision No. 60 QĐ/TWHSV and Decision No. 61 QĐ/ TWHSV on 28/12/2012 by the Central Committee of the Vietnamese Student Association; Based on the results of the Council's meeting on 28/12/2012 by the Selection Council of Binh Duong province; there will be one student winning the Award of A January Star among the  three students who won the title of the “Excellent-Five” on the central level, 21 students and 14 groups were awarded the title of the “Excellent-Five” as well as the group dubbed students of  “Health and Friendliness” on the provincial level.

Ms. Nguyen Pham Duy Trang – Chairman of the Vietnamese Student Association in Binh Duong province was awarding Certificates to the students achieving the title of "Excellent-Five” on the provincial level.

One particularly noteworthy fact is the only  January Star Award in 2012 of Binh Duong province was awarded to Miss Huynh Thi Van, a student at Binh Duong University. In addition, one of the three students awarded the title of “Excellent-Five” on the central level,  Nguyen Thi Thuy Trang was also asked to receive the honor on behalf of the whole student body  of Binh Duong University.

 "January Star" is the award of the Central Committee of Vietnamese Students given to students who achieve academic excellence and obtain achievements in activities of the Union and Association. Each university and college submit only one application for the award. 

With the "January Star" award, those to be considered are students with a grade point average (GPA) in the “good” range or higher, having obtained the third prize in the national and international level examinations, or have scientific research which won the first prize on the school level, have at least two years of participation in the activities of the Youth Union and Association, hold the position of Union Secretary, leader of students, or have exceptionally outstanding achievements … the Title of "Excellent-Five” is the honor that many students desire, including the following five criteria of excellence: good ethics, good learning, good fitness, good skills, good integration. This is not merely a title, but also a path for students to follow as they move toward self-improvement, creating their own opportunities for training, experience and maturity. The student body is quite large, but the “Excellent- Five” students account for only a minority. This proves that to reach the title "Excellent-Five" is not easy, it requires great effort and diligence on the students’ part.

At the same time, Binh Duong University was also present on the “Excellent –Five” student achievement table on the Provincial level with 9 of our students.

In the 14 teams winning the title of Health and Friendliness, Binh Duong University had  the following 6 teams who were awarded. 

1 / Joint group –  Faculty of Banking and Finance

2 / Group 12TC01 – Faculty of Banking and Finance

3 / Group 13TC01 – Department of Banking and Finance

4 / Group 12AV – Faculty of Foreign Languages

5 / Group 13AV01 – Faculty of Foreign Languages

6 / Group 14AV01 – Faculty of Foreign Languages

Students and pupils are being rewarded the “Excellent-Five” title on the provincial level

The award’s ceremony was held in the morning of 06/01/2013 at  Binh Duong Youth Union with great joy and pride on behalf of the students, especially students of Binh Duong University.

Congratulations to you!