Prof Kwong Fai Andrew Lo Briefs Students on Land Management in Taiwan


On May 27, Prof Kwong Fai Andrew Lo-Rector of the Science Institute under Chinese Culture University, Taiwan- met with BDU students and had a briefing on land ressource management in Taiwan.

During the theme briefing, the students had a chance to learn about land management matters in Taiwan such as:

Planning for land use for different terrain: plain, forest, hillside…;

Planning for land use efficiency in disaster-affected areas;

– Planning for land use efficiency in flooded and salinized areas

Prof Lo graduated a doctor specialized in agricultural land in Hawaii, America. He is in charge of many important fields in the Chinese Culture University, and editor to several accredited scientific journals in Taiwan.

While here, he had a meeting with BDU faculty on educational management.

On June 1st, Prof Lo went on for another meeting with BDU's Camau’s students and teachers.