President meets with Dr. Jacek Jakubowski


On the morning of May 6th, Prof. Academician Cao Van Phuong Dr. Jacek Jakubowski, AGH University instructor.

Joining in the reception were Dr. Tran Huy Long, Vice-Dean and Master Nguyen Huy Vung from the Construction Faculty.

Prof. Academician Cao Van Phuong receiving and working with Dr. Jacek Jakubowski

For 2 weeks, Dr. Jacek Jakubowski lectured on Rock Mechanics to the students of construction courses 16,17,18.

At the meeting, Prof. Academician Cao Van Phuong highlighted the educational performance between BDU and AGH U, Poland.

In June, 2016, the two schools exchanged teaching staff to share management experience and teaching methods.  In October, 2016, BDU took in an AGH U instructor to teach for BDU Computer Science Faculty. Also in October, 2 students from BDU flew to AGH U, Poland, participating in the EU sponsorship program.

Dr. Jacek Jakubowski lecturing lessons of Rock Mechanics to construction students of courses 16,17,18

On behalf of BDU, Prof. Academician Cao Van Phuong expressed words of thanks to Dr. Jacek Jakubowski for his teaching at BDU Construction Faculty, and proposed that he go on teaching and researching with this faculty for times ahead.

On this occasion, Prof. Academician Cao Van Phuong sent warm regards to the school directors and faculty of AGH, Poland. 

In reply, Dr. Jacek Jakubowski happily accepted  BDU President’s proposal and would report to AGH U Directors on his working performance in BDU as well as share the suggested potential programs of cooperation between the two schools in the near future.

AGH University was founded in 1919. It has 15 faculties and 32 disciplines of Science and Technology. It is one of the most modern and famous institutions in Poland.

BDU and AGHU signed an MOU of cooperation programs of academic exchange in April, 2013.

During the last 4  years, the two schools have implemented many exchange projects of faculty, researchers, administration, and student exchange, exchange of printed materials, joint research, seminars as well as shared arts and cultural activities.

BDU and AGHUsigned an MOU of cooperation programs of academic exchange in April, 2013.

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