Instructors from AGH University of Poland teaching at BDU


For  the past two weeks (April 23rd  to  May 7th ), Dr. Jacek Jakubowski, instructor from AGH University, Poland, came teaching students of the Construction Faculty of BDU.

This is part of a cooperative program of faculty exchange signed between BDU and AGH U – through the Erasmus+ mobility program

For the two weeks at BDU Construction Faculty, Dr. Jacek Jakubowski shared his academic experience with the faculty, staff and students of courses 16, 17 1nd 18 through lessons on rock mechanics.

Dr. Jacek Kakubowski teaching Construction students

Master Nguyen Huy Vung, faculty instructor, said that this subject is to help research of rock material and rock mass. Based on his lectures, Dr.Jacek Jakubowski guided students learning of definitions and basic attributes of rock material and the active state of rock mass in nature. The subject of rock mechanics is  analyzing rock mass in its active state in terms of construction of foundations,  slopes, tunnels, mine works, thermo energy, and undergound dumping sites.

AGH University was founded in 1919. It has 15 faculties and 32 disciplines of science and technology. It is one of the most modern and famous institutions in Poland.

BDU and AGH U signed an MOU of cooperation programs of academic exchange in April, 2013.

During the last 4  years, the two schools have participated in  many exchange projects for faculty, researchers, administration, students, printed materials, joint research, seminars and arts and cultural activities.


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