Electrical-electronics faculty holds training session for the Robotics contest


On the morning of  June 12th , the faculty of electrical-electronics held a training session to prepare for the 2nd contest for Track-detect Robots, 2017, , in Lab E01.2.

Teachers Tran Ngoc Xuan Huy and Nguyen Quang Chung (from the contest steering board)ran through the relevant contents of the contest requirements, such as competing formulas, starting steps, notifications and working principles of sample robots.

It’s the second time this faculty has held the contest in an effort to raise scientific research involvement and creativity among students.

It’s also a playground for those students who love technology and creativity,for  making applicable products. Such a contest facilitates students in exchange, learning and exercise for further  growth of knowledge and applicability to living environments.

The participating teams are to first figure out their own robots. Then, they will have instructors teach programing and assembling of the robots. These robots will have wheels and sensors installed to detect tracks up to given maps.

As required by the contest, the robots are to then take their positions and move on a 9-sqm site, depending on the colors of the tracks to be detected by sensors.

An automatic scoring panel is meant to keepscoring up to the criteria of precision and rapidity.  The steering board will base their deciding awards on the ultimate score,  awardings of prizes 1st , 2nd , and 3rd places. The final contest was expected to kick off on  July 15th .

Pictures from the training session