Dong-A University Korea to visit and work at the Binh Duong University


In continuing the cooperative program between Binh Duong University and Dong A University of Korea, on the morning of December 03rd, 2012, the School Board welcomed the Dong-A University President and his delegation to Binh Duong University. This is the second visit of the delegation from Dong-A University to Binh Duong University. Binh Duong University and Dong-A University have established a mutually cooperative relationship for long-term development. In accordance with this cooperation, at this point, Binh Duong University has sent 12 students to Dong-A University to continue their studies and research. This is a very encouraging first step in the success of the establishment of the relationship between the two parties.

In the reception of the delegation, representing BinhDuongUniversity, Prof. Aca. PhD. Cao Van Phuong – Chairman of the Management Board and President, attended the meeting along with the BinhDuongUniversity school Board memebers. The Dong-A University delegation was led by Dr. Oh Chang Kwon, the President, and included the participation of Dr. Han Sik Song – Director of International Relations, Mr. Tae Wan Kim, Director of International Training and Mr. Sung Hoon Jung, Director of International Relations.

The meeting between BinhDuongUniversity and Dong-A University
At the meeting, BinhDuongUniversity leaders expressed delight over the good relations between the two parties, as well as the hope that in the future, BinhDuongUniversity and Dong-A University would strengthen their cooperation, strengthen relationships and promote exchange activities in a continued spirit of mutual development.

A Representative of Dong-A University  offering gifts to BinhDuongUniversity

Prof. Aca. PhD. Cao Van Phuong and Dr.Oh Chang Kwon – the president of Dong-A University  wearing the BDU uniform with the logo Learning – Asking – Understanding –Applying offered by Binh Duong University
Representatives of BinhDuongUniversity having their picture taken  with Dong-AUniversity leaders

Dong-A University is ranked 12th in the system of universities in Korea, and is the largest-scale university in the private system in Busan. The university has four branches and postgraduate training campuses with majors such as Art, Health, Science and Technology, Social Sciences, Humanities and International Relations … with 23,000 students, more than 2000 postgraduate research students and thousands of teaching and working faculty.