Construction Faculty seminar: “Innovations in”


Since the innovations of  Economic policies in 1986, Vietnam has had positive changes in the economy which the big cities like Hanoi, Ho chi Minh City, Can Tho,and others,  are greatly developing.   However, this trend absorbed a large quantity of people from rural and neighboring areas moving into the big cities and subsequently forced to face major problems such as traffic jams, poluttion, population rise, land shrinkage, and more.  One of the solutions to the problems is to construct underground space to aid the cities’ tolerance  for change.

It is a very important and extremely difficult task due to its technical problems and the complexities of the work in general.   Therefore, the  lessons acquired from the top organizations of this field is most necessary in order to minimize risk and maximize the  quality of the work required.   For this, BDU Construction Faculty worked with the Vietnamese Tunnelling Association-VTA  and held a  seminar: “Innovations in Underground Construction” at the BDU campus on the morning of  Jan. 26th.

Attending the seminar were representatives from the Executive Council of International Tunnelling and Underground Space Association – ITA, DENKA Japan, Tan Tin Thanh-INTOC,… and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Thanh, BDU Vice President ,as well as many teachers and students from BDU’s Construction Faculty.

Prof.Dr Tarcisio-ITA President – presenting on the theme: The Monitoring of large Underground  Urban Excavations

Opening  the seminar, Prof. Dr. Tarcisio presented: “Monitoring Large Underground Urban Excavations” in which he stated that the deep-in-earth environment remains in its original balance until the balance is broken by man.  The underground construction works always affect the surrounding environment in forms of change of pressure, of interaction and water.   Putting these factors under monitoring apparatuses plays a very important role to the control of their impact on the constructed buildings.

Mr. Soren Eskesen, ITA Former President from Denmark, presenting on Copenhagen METRO construction

In addition, other speakers took turns presenting innovations in underground construction, techniques of monitoring, measuring and design mapping, in mechanic construction in urban areas; monitoring-based designing techniques for urban underground construction; a case study of Copenhagen metro construction or anti-leakage techniques for underground works, and other solutions for Vietnam.  These reports absorbed great interest and attention from the faculty, students and corporate guests.

Prof.Dr Jinxiu Jenny Yan-ITA vice president- presenting: “Monitoring Methods and the Layout in Mechanized Tunnelling in the Urban area”

Construction student Nguyen Cong Dinh-Course 18 -said he picked up much helpful knowledge from the speakers in terms of designing and potential solutions for underground construction, which is so valuable to his subsequent jobs.

It can be seen that underground constructions, if invested in long-term  developed into a series of underground ecosystems, will be potentially excellent and indispensable sources in service of the modern urban life.

Some pictures from the seminar:


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