Congratulations for strategic cooperation between Binh Duong University and Northern Arizona University


For the last few years, Binh Duong Univeristy has been attempting to build and develop international relationships in order to become a university which provides training courses in accordance to international standards as well as to help students travel abroad to study in countries with a high quality educational system. For this purpose, on the morning of 29th June 2013, Binh Duong University welcomed representatives of the Northern Arizona University to visit and meet with Binh Duong University.
During this visit, Department of Foreign Affairs, Department of Study Overseas Consultancy of Binh Duong University and Northern Arizona University organized a workshop on ‘study abroad in USA – Northern Arizona University’. This workshop appeared to attract consideration from most students. On behalf of Binh Duong University, Karen Hamilton Nguyễn – Deputy Head of Department of Foreign Affairs – Director of Department of Study Overseas Consultancy honorably welcomed visitors of the Northern Arizona University. In participation in this workshop, Mandy Hansen – Senior staff of Department of International training of the Northern Arizona University introduced to the students features of the school.

Mandy Hansen – Senior staff of Department of International training of the
Northern Arizona University introducing the school.

The Northern Arizona University (NAU) was established in 1899 with a mission to provide excellent university education for research, undergraduate and postgraduate courses. NAU has provided more than 150 courses including 100 undergraduate and 50 postgraduate courses. The University has conducted quality education in subjects such as Art, Technique, Silviculture, Natural Sciences, Education, Medical service and human, and Social sciences and manners, in W.A Franke College of business and postgraduate courses. Besides this, in the scope of national as well as worldwide the University is famous for providing programs in Silviculture, Technique, Education, Physical Therapy, Restaurant and Hotel Management, Environment protection, and Applied Linguistic. Also the university is one of the public Universities in Arizona. At present there are appropriately 16.500 students studying and conducting research at the University.

Students joining the workshop and observing a presentation

In addition, students studying at the Northern Arizona University are also provided with outdoor activities, a sport center, culture festivals, tours, and careers workshops arranged regularly twice a year. The Northern Arizona assists students to get jobs after graduating based upon cooperative programs between the University and its partners. Recently Binh Duong University has attempted to negotiate with the Northern Arizona University to enter into long-term cooperation, and has tried to seek scholarships for students of Binh Duong University in order to help them have a chance to travel abroad for study. The important point is all credits gained by Binh Duong University students shall be acknowledged by the Northern Arizona University. This helps students to save time and money.

Department of Communication and Information of Binh Duong University