Binh Duong University students – the pride of our province


To commemorate 63 years of Vietnam’s Traditional Students Day and the Vietnamese Student Association, the Executive Board of Binh Duong’s Youth Union and Vietnamese Student Association in collaboration with the Provincial Cultural Center organized a cultural exchange night to celebrate this great holiday at the Cultural Center of Binh Duong province.

Ms.Nguyen Pham Duy Trang  – Member of Central Youth Union – Secretary of Provincial Youth Union in Binh Duong province, Nguyen Thi Minh Nghia, Director of the Provincial Cultural Center, Mr. Nguyen Minh Hien – Secretary of the Department of Culture and Tourism Information, member of college and university Youth Union, and a large number of students in the province,  attended this night of meaningful cultural exchange.

Along with the Youth Units,  Members of the Youth Union in Binh Duong University were a great contribution to the success of the exchange night with their special and meaningful entertainment.

For more than half a century, under the banner of the glorious Communist Party of Vietnam and the great President Ho Chi Minh, the student and pupil movement and Vietnamese Student Association have made outstanding contributions and grown with great success through the revolutionary period of history, making it the pride of generations of pupils and students today. President Ho Chi Minh's teachings in his letter to students on the occasion of the first day of school after the August 1945 Revolution: "… whether Vietnam does become glorious, the Vietnamese become glorious and compared with the superpowers of the world, or doesn’t, depends on the learning of the children …",  along with the guidelines and policies of the Party and State in education and training have encouraged pupils and students to emulate good learning, good practice and joint effort in the community.

Stemming from the intent of Uncle Ho, the Party and State, Binh Duong University students constantly strive in their studies as well as other social activities to achieve remarkable results as this:  the one and only National Achievement Award “January Star” in 2012 for the province belongs to Huynh Thi Van a student of Binh Duong University. In addition, 3 students in Binh Duong province who achieved the title of "Excellent-Five”  on the central level including Nguyen Thi Thuy Trang, who was also honored to be the representative of Binh Duong University students in particular as well as students of the nation in  general to receive honors.

In addition, 9 students from Binh Duong University were present on the Table of Achievement for "Excellent-Five” students on the provincial level.

These are the results of Binh Duong University students’ best efforts, showing true our university philosophy : Learning – Asking – Understanding – Applying, instilled in the minds and actions of each student.

We are really proud of their accomplishments, these results have enforced the traditional understanding of the quality of a Vietnamese student in general and students in Binh Duong University in particular.

On the occasion of Vietnam’s Traditional Student Day, we wish you many achievements in the new school year and success in the completion of the tasks that Uncle Ho entrusted to you.

A large number of students attending music exchange night
The Students from Binh Duong University performing modern dances

Special dance by Students from Binh Duong University
Dance perfromance by students from Binh Duong University
“Trio repertoire” performance by students from Binh Duong University