Belarus State University visits BDU


At the invitation of Dr. Cao Viet Hieu-BDU’s New President, a BSU delegation led by Prof.Aca. Ablameyko Sergey arrived at Tan Son Nhat airport for a work visit to BDU. This visit is to enhance and further the fraternal and cooperative relationship between the two schools in several areas, specially that of scientific research.

 BSU welcomed at Tan Son Nhat airport

During the work visit, Mr. Sergey Ablameyko held several talks on topics of ecological systems in a smart city, such as smart-city overview, internet security, communication management in hospitals, traffic control of vehicles and parking identification, farming upon aerial photography, e-government and e-education.   On this occasion, BDU publicized its decision to appoint Prof.Aca. Sergey Ablameyko to be Honorary Dean of BDU Faculty of Information Technology.


Pictures by Vũ Việt Chí