BDU (Vietnam) Takes Interest in Cooperation with St.Petersburg University


The polytechnic named after Emperor Peter,St.Petersburg, is the first international university Dr. Cao Viet Hieu has visited as President of Binh Duong University. The main purpose of his visit was to assert the trends of cooperative development and enhancement between the two schools.

Russia Academician A.I.Rudskoi-President of St.Petersburg Polytechnic University (right) meeting with BDU President

Russia Academician A.I.Rudskoi-President of St.Petersburg Polytechnic University- had a meeting with his Viet namese counterpart. Attending the meeting was Vice President in Charge of Foreign Affairs, D.G. Arsenev; Vice-President, Media Secretary, D.I.Kuzhesov; Chief of Admin., V.P.Jivulin; and Director of the Physics Institute, Nano Technology and Media, S.B.Makarov; Assoc.Professor to the Physics Institute, Nano Technology and Media, in charge of Southeast Asia, V.I.Maliughin.

In his opening remarks, Mr. A.I.Rudskoi emphasized that Vietnam is one of the Russian Federation’s key partners in Pacific Asia, and that the Russian-Vietnamese relationship is very close through years of multifaceted and multidimensional cooperation.  He also stated that the educational and scientific ties between the two countries is traditional.  During the former Soviet Union, dozens of thousands of hi-level experts from Vietnam were trained in Russia.  The cooperative relationship between St.Petersburg Polytechnic University and Vietnam universities originated half a century ago.   SPPU trained 600 professionals of technology and economics.   He noted that more than 100 Vietnamese students and reseachers have been studying there, mainly in areas of technology, and they aim to absorb more students from Vietnam, and to expand training programs for the students.  Mr. A.I.Rudskoi thought certainly, “the Vietnamese guests’ 2-day visit will be full as we brief them on our  core capacities, show them our learning facilities and labs, and then we can share  with them our ideas  on new initiatives for scientific and educational cooperation.”

Meeting between the two schools

Subsequently, the two sides deliberated new initiatives and prospects of mutual scientific research and student and faculty exchange.  The meeting’s participants spoke of their opinions on Russian-Vietnamese potential projects of scientific and educational cooperation. Among these trends, the hosting  president assumed that physics, nano technology, radio and media techniques as well as economics, business management, computer science and energy are prospective areas of cooperation.

Mr. A.I.Rudskoi joyfully acknowledged: “BDU is seen as always willing to engage in mutual projects of scientific infra-structure facilities. The shared lab “micro-processors” by SPPU to be constructed and inaugurated in January 2018 will prove such the commitment. We will be delighted to see Mr Ngoc Tan as our doctoral candidate who defends his thesis next year at the Institute of Physics, Nano and Media Technology lead this lab. This development is to simplify telecommunication, and he will be example for the Vietnamese young scientists to follow and possibly find the way to study as doctoral students in our school.”   

Dr. Cao Viet Hieu-BDU President (middle) meeting with SPPU

In reply, BDU’s New President, Dr. Cao Viet Hieu, recognized that the Vietnamese people owe so much to Russia for their support to train human resources for Vietnam over the years.  He said,   “Many of our school’s present staff were trained in Russia and some by SPPU. They prove to have a high level of expertise in their work.” He also asserted that Vietnam is paying more and more attention to the Russian language and cultural studies, which facilitates student exchange, Russia- based internships and Russian experts coming to teach in Vietnam.  Generally, BDU has great interest in developing the graduate programs of master and doctoral degrees with SPPU, taught in the English language, as well as Russian-language learning and teaching.

At present, Russia and Vietnam have both  made  the developmental strategy of constructing “smart cities”  one of its top priorities.   Both countries concentrate on infra-structure and communication-technology projects to support economic development and global progress.  For this, the two sides discussed a plan to set up a lab called “Smart City&Smart-Grid Tehnologies” to be shared in terms of equipment and budget.

For SPPU, President A.I.Rudskoi affirmed that SPPU would be pleased to share written works on technological solutions of transportation, infra structure, urban planning and energy grid as the are available at their school.

2 schools’ management posing for keepsake

The BDU President had a chance to learn about SPPU, not only from the briefings, but by an on-site tour in person.   He paid visits to the main academic building and super-computer center, the lab of light material and structures, the science-technology complex “mathematic modelling and smart control systems”, and other labs of the Institute of Physics, Nano Technology and Media.  During the visit, they had many important meetings and talks with representatives of the Economic, Commercial and Industrial Management Institute, and the Institute of Computer Science. 

This visit denotes that SPPU and BDU are strenthening mutual cooperation and assistance to realize the jobs assigned by the two governments, which is meant to facilitate and enhance the special relationship between Russia and Vietnam.

Vũ Việt Chí

Vu Viet Chi, Institute of Educational Problems