BDU Travels with the Province


On  Sept 24, 2017, BDU held a grand celebration of  its 20th anniversary of establishment and development, and was honored to  receive the  Labor Medal of Grade 2,  which was granted to BDU as a whole and Prof. Aca. Cao Van Phuong, the BDU Chairman of the Board and President.   It’s a hallmark to the achievements of BDU acquired over its long journey of education and training.

Dr Cao Viet Hieu-BDU President and Mr Tran Van Nam-BD Province Communist Party Chief

Founded in 1997 by Decision No791/TTg, signed by the Prime Minister, BDU luckily travelled with Binh Duong province throughout  its early days of reestablishment. Over the past 20 years since, BDU constructed and developed its open education based on its educational philosophy of “Study-Ask-Understand-Apply” by which each person is enabled in the practice of his 4- ethical  responsibilities (to oneself-family-society-nature) becoming a liable citizen.  Owing to their undivided efforts, BDU teachers and students have provided dozens of thousands of graduates at all levels, hundreds of them being masters of business administration.

The  long journey of 20 years came to see BDU debut its new Board of Governors, its new BOG Chairman and new President for term of 2017-2022, and to open a new chapter of history and journey based on the achievement of  BDU for the sake of training human resources for Binh Duong in particular and the whole country in general.

For its new term, BDU Board of Directors will further set up its medium and long term goals , the school focus being  its development of the eco-system in relevance to disciplines of hi-tech sciences and healthcare; to enhance and maintain those of the economic and technical professions, public health, and socio-human sciences; to boost basic and applicable research in and out of BDU; and especially to add international values to its training activities. Also, the school is to expand its physical premises in Binh Duong and seek international investment in hitech labs for its spearhead disciplines.

Dr. Cao Viet Hieu-BDU’s New President, asserted: “ It’s for the new stage of development that BDU would firmly realize its strategy of 2018-2023 in light of  the BD Party and People’s Committee’s orientation policy, for the sake of practice-based training to travel with the developing progress of BD Province.   Accordingly, the school is to manage to train and provide the province in particular, and the society in general,  with its hi-quality workforce, who are able to start up and build up their brandnames in the generation of 4.0.

In addition, by the accreditation gained over the 20-year relationship with its counterparts in and out of the country, especially with 30 universities, institutes, educational groups across 11 foreign countries such as Russia, Poland, US, Great Britain, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Belarus, China, Taiwan, Laos, Cambodia, and others, BDU is committed to best facilitate further enriching and qualifying its teaching staff to help train talents for BD province in times ahead.

For the past 20 years, BDU has generated a great number to the workforce to help develop BD Province as can be seen today.  Many of BDU ex-students lead good careers and positions in the society of BD.  The majority of those contributing most to the provincial development today have come from BDU.   BDU continues to manage these connections between the province and  the workforce, while  altogether promoting their inner strength to make BD a smart-civilized and prosperous city.

One might say, the school has learned to make the best use of experience, which is condensed by BDU educators, for the ultimate responsibility to self improvement, this by  dedication to the society for over 20 years of ups and downs, leading the right way and contributing well to the national education.   At the moment, facing many challenges of the 4.0 industrial revolution ahead though, BDU is believed to travel well  with the province in training and providing a hi-quality workforce to help make BD more and more progressive./.

Nguyên Quân