BDU – SPbPU : Upgrading, diversifying and intensifying cooperation


During May 30th -31st, 2018, BDU held the Russian Culture-Science Days whichincluded such activities as an international workshop on Russian technology transfer and applicable solutions for smart plants and cities, the signing of an MOU on establishing a Center for Scientific and Technologic Innovations between the two schools, and the inauguration of the Mico-Processing Technology Lab…

As one of Russia’s top universities, well-known for its global premium training of science and economics, SPbPU was founded in 1899 at St. Petersburg city and has 20 faculties, institutes and colleges. It has 150 divisions and offices, and 120 labs for research and development, a students’ town, and medical institutions. It is set up to cover multidisciplinary and multilevel training of experts (engineers, economists, managers), 101 majors; B.A and M.A level programs; 51 training programs on Ph.D and doctorate of science levels: of 90 majors. The current total number of students in SPbPU are around 30,000. Among its thousands of teachers are 500 professors and doctors of Science, 25 academicians. SPbPU has cooperative relationships of education and training, scientific research and application with 280 universities, 130 institutes, 170 industries from 55 countries worldwide.

Many outstanding scholars who used to study, research and lecture at this well-known school are Physicians P.L.Kapitsa, Zh.I.Alferov; N.N.Semenov, a Nobel prize winner of physics and chemistry, respectively; Academicians Abram Fedorovich Ioffe, Igor Vasilyevich Kurchatov, A.A.Radsig, and particularly Academician, Sc. Dr., Aeroplane Designer, Labour Hero Oleg Konstantinovich Antonov, who founded the Antonov aircraft company.

Aca.Prof. Cao Van Phuong of BDU signing an MOU with SPbPU in the presence of VN State President, Government Vice-Premier, and MOET Minister

In October, 2018, Aca.Prof. Cao Van Phuong, as School Board Chairman and then-President, followed then-State President Nguyen Minh Triet to the Federal Republic of Russia for a visit. There, witnessing were VN State President, Government Vice-Premier, the Minister of MOET, Aca.Prof Cao Van Phuong of BDU signed the MOU of educational cooperation with SPbPU. Since that celebration, the two schools have often exchanged lecturers for research and study. Every year, SPbPU regularly sends creditable and experienced faculty to BDU for teaching and R&D activities.

Dr Cao Viet Hieu-BDU President (fifth from right) in his visit to SPbPU

During the 1-week visit to SPbPU between Dec 13-21, 2017, and another visit to SPbPU’s representative office in Shanghai, China in late April, 2018, Dr. Cao Viet Hieu, BDU President was engaged in talks with SPbPU leaders and visited the model of Russian technology transfer by Shanghai-based SPbPU office. Then, the two sides came to agreement to further research programs on nano technology, smart plants, informatics and energy on the basis of the mutual cooperative relationship. This development has elevated the strategic cooperation between BDU and SPbPU in terms of completeness, diversification and intensification after its 10-year establishment.

The establishment of the Joint Center for Scientific and Technologic Innovations aims to gather top researchers, scientists from Russia and Vietnam together for further study and transfer and to apply advanced technologies, neo-technologies and artificial intelligence to the building up of smart cities and plants, not only in Binh Duong, but around the country. Supposedly, this relationship is to expand in a tripartite development of SPbPU-BDU-Shanghai-based SPbPU Office in an effort to further the mulit-field partnership between Vietnam, Russia and China.

Dr. Cao Viet Hieu, BDU President meeting with Shanghai-based SPbPU office representative

The Russian Culture-Science Days are set for May 14th -31st, 2018, and expect to deepen and enhance the traditional fraternity between BDU and SPbPU. During the event, many featured programs will take place, such as Rapid Russian (intensive language), Russian movie-viewing, a writing contest, Russian-Vietnamese cooking contest, exhibition of Russian books and publications, Russian singing performance, Flashmob Dance and an international workshop on Russian technology transfer and applicable solutions for smart plants and cities is to be held alongside with the signing of an MOU on the establishment of the Center for Scientific and Technologic Innovations between the two schools The Mico-Processing Technology Lab is also to be inaugurated on this occasion.

Meeting to prepare for Russian Culture-Science Days

"BDU may not be equal to some other universities in Vietnam, but we chose it to be our long-term partner, as a young institution but with great ideology, evident philosophy of education on the basis of 4H: Study-Ask-Understand-Apply, with consistence of educational to all, for all directing all to the 4 basic responsibilities for oneself, for family, for society and for nature.

Prof.Aca Mikhail Petrovich Phedorov-School Board Chairman

Former President of SPbPU