BDU signs to set up a Center for Science Technology Innovations


As a country long known for its top hubs of science and technology, Russia made globally-featured hallmarks in areas of aerospace, nuclear science and technology and advanced software industry.

The scientific achievements of Russia are likely referred to as a plentiful fountain of applicable solutions to create and raise up smart plants and cities, just as publicized by the Party and the Government.

The leaders of both schools signing to set up a Center for Science-Technology Innovations

In view of such advantageous edge born of the 10-year cooperation between Binh Duong University and Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University’s determination, the leadership agreed, after much deliberation, to sign an MOU for setting up a Center for Science and Technology Innovations on the morning of the 31st of May, 2018.

Dr. Cao Viet Hieu (right) receiving a token from SPbPU

This celebration paves the way for gathering top researchers and scientists from Russia and Vietnam to jointly develop the research, transfer and application of advanced technologies, latest technologies and artificial intelligence . This is aimed to help build up smart plants and cities not only in Binh Duong province but around the country. On this basis, the mutual cooperative relationship will be raised to a higher, more thorough and in-depth level.

Some pictures from the signing celebration: