Awarding student winners of the book-presentation contest


During the National Anthem and Flag raising ceremony on the 8th of May, Vice president, Dr. Cao Thi Viet Huong, on behalf of the book contest’s steering board, awarded the selected students of the book presentation contest with the theme of “Books, Our Quiet Masters” held by BDU to commemorate Vietnam’s Book Day on April 21st ,2017.

The contest steering board aimed to raise the value of books in the minds of readers.  It was also their  intention to build up better reading habits among young people, as well as present methods of more effective reading to help students with invidual skills.

The contest managed to gain much interest and engagement from the current student population. Each student chose a theme to present to the judging panel made up of local instructors, scholars and researchers. Some of the themes were about the significance of reading and the value of books for readers, and some were basic  previews of new books…

Overall, the contestants stated that books are our “quiet master”,  providing readers with knowledge and nutrients for the soul of mankind.

Based on the assessment of the  overall themes and presentation performance, the jury came to their conclusion for the contestants. The theme “Books, Our  quiet master”,  done by contestant Tran Thi Anh Thu and Nguyen Hong Cao Minh Huyen, both of the Foreign Language faculty-course 18AV01, won first prize, and second prize went to contestant Nguyen Thi Bach Ngoc of the Architecture faculty-course 16DC01-  with the book “On Track”, written by author Tony. The 3rd prize was awarded to Le Minh Hoang of the Law faculty-course 18LK01, for the “Road to Success on Decence by author Inamori Kazuo.
Besides this contest for Vietnam’s  Book Day, BDU library has held other activities such as the talk-show on “Books, Our Quiet Master”, “The Bookcase of Uncle Ho”, “Making of the Vietnam Revolution”, and books on life skills and world literature.

One contestant presenting on the theme: “Books, Our Quiet Masters”

Dr. Cao Thi Viet Huong after awarding prizes to the winners.