Assoc. Prof. Maria Ablameyko Reports on Legal Issues of the Smart City at BDU


To boost and apply informatic technology in all areas is deemed helpful to the neutralization of many obstacles and restraints facilitating inhabitants and businesses, and to empowering state governance and corporate management. Furthermore, it has gotten more important on the global scale in that it influences not only national security and economy,  but each indivdual as well as industry .

From this perspective, to enhance legal power in building a smart city, e-government and e-education, Assoc. Prof. Maria Ablameyko , a lecturer of Law at Belarusian State University, released a report in a meeting with  the BDU law faculty on the legal issues. This meeting was held  in Lecture Hall A on  the 16th of Jan., 2018.

 Assoc. Prof. Maria Ablameyko reporting and exchanging with the Law faculty of BDU on the legal issues in building up a smart city, e-government and e-education.

The report was a friendly one, open and warm, truely helping to  motivate the cooperative relationship between the two schools in terms of scientific research.   By her audience-friendly and succinct style of reporting, she really attracted the audience  with a report focused on intelligence security in the current context of the global economy and wide-spread internet, while emphasizing strong cooperation in research and internet security between countries to neutralize consequenses caused by informatic insecurity.

During the meeting, the Law faculty brought up several issues to Assoc. Prof. Ablameyko, all of which  she answered thoroughly from her experience and knowledge.   She also shared her agreement with some on a number of solutions to maintaining internet intelligence which were raised by the faculty of the host school.

Shortly before the meeting adjourned, the two universities signed an MOU on their  joint effort to engage in the building up of a smart city, e-government and e-education.  This MOU was between the BDU and  BSU’s faculties of Informatics . Accordingly, the two sides are to offer short-term courses and projects applicable to smart-city  learning and teaching, as well as technique and technology exchange with Binh Duong-based industries.

Representatives from BDU and BSU signing the MOU

BDU Law Faculty and BSU representatives posing for pictures

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