“Arrival” at Surin


After a 1,000km-long journey, the BDU student troupe finally arrived at Surindra Rajabhat University where the folklore festival of SICE 2, 2018,  was held.   The troupe started off at 4 AM on the 24th of Jan., 2018, and first passed through the Moc Bai border for immigration procedures into Cambodia. Then it went on for 20 hours by bus to the border of Thailand and was warmly welcomed and received by the staff of the host school.

It was clearly recognized that the host school steered the event in a very thurough and professional manner.   As soon as the BDU team set foot in Thailand, they were served a proper meal.   The staff in charge helped unload luggage, arrange dorm and hotel  rooms, and provide wifi accounts to each team member for immediate internet use.

Although it took until 1 AM  the next morning to complete all the procedures needed upon arrival, the whole team was excited and eager for the opening ceremony and first-night performance to commence on that very night, the 25th of Jan., 2018.


Writen by: Thanh Đoàn – An Huỳnh