Another prestigious university in Korea cooperates with Binh Duong University


In order to create conditions for students from both Binh Duong University and nationwide to have easy access to the advanced educational environment of well-developed nations, Binh Duong University continues to enhance relationships of international cooperation with prestigious universities from many countries around the world.


In light of this, on the morning of  December 07th, 2012, the School Board of Binh Duong University, including Prof. Aca. PhD. Cao Van Phuong – Chairman of the Management Board – President of Binh Duong University, Asso Prof. PhD. Nguyen Van Thanh- Deputy President, Dr. Cao Viet Hieu – Deputy President – Director of Academic Department, PhD. Nguyen Thanh Binh, Director of Scientific Research, Mrs. Karen Hamilton Nguyen – Deputy Director of the International Cooperation formally welcomed the representatives from Chosun University (Korea), led by Dr. Suh Chae Hong- the president, to visit and work at Binh Duong University.

In the meeting, the two leaders briefly introduced the respective training programs as well as the strengths of the 02 schools, including the training of Economics, Social Sciences, Engineering and Technology, which are the shared subjects  of  training of Binh Duong university with developmental-orientation.

The meeting came to an end successfully when the two leaders agreed on some basic principles in the areas of research, Science, Technology, the exchange of faculty and students, dual degree programs, exchange of information, documents, training publications, and the exchange of activities between faculties and students from both universities and their training programs.

The working visit was a good opportunity for Binh Duong University to expand the relationship of friendly cooperation, in order to promote the ongoing development of international cooperation in the field of education. This is also an opportunity to gradually assert its name, reputation and position with other universities both nationally  and abroad.

Chosun University was established in 1946 in the province of Gwangju (South Korea). It is one of the prestigious schools with the most modern facilities in Korea, ranks 4th largest out of 200 universities in Korea. Training programs include: higher education, postgraduate education and continuing education. Currently, there are over 40 Vietnamese students studying in the university.

Chosun University recruits for and gives academic training in the following majors : Humanities, Science, Law, Social Sciences, Commerce, Engineering, Electronics, Information Technology, Foreign Languages, Physical Education, Medicine, Arts and Design and  Journalism. Currently, Chosun University has a policy to provide a 50% school fee reduction for international students.

 Some noticeable pictures

  Representatives from Chosun University (Korea)

Leaders from Binh Duong University

02 presidents after signing the MOU
President of Chosun University (on the right)  giving the symbol of Chosun university to the president of Binh Duong University 

Chosun University leaders are paying a visit to the  Korean Center – Binh Duong University

Leaders of 02 Universities having their picture  taken in front of the BDU training philosophy stone “Learning –Asking –Understanding –Applying”.